Monday, October 25, 2010

Still Life with Breast Pump

The hospital suitcase is packed and stands near the bed. The crib is assembled and ready. The mobile hangs motionless and silent. The breast pump is poised to begin…pumping. The stuffed animals stare at us, waiting. We have our copy of Goodnight Moon. We have checked nearly everything off of our baby “to do” list. And last night, Linda said, “I’m ready to get on with this thing already!” I think I agree.

25 days until baby.

Thank you, everyone for the fantastic comments. You give me a lot to ponder. Keep them coming!


  1. "The stuffed animals stare at us, waiting." This is the best line I've read in a long time. Sigh. What glory and joy await! The stuffed animals will be drooly-happy soon, as will you both. Many blessings to your new family. How lucky the world will be! ps - You get a blogbreak during that magical spell of newbaby...

  2. Hope Pump in Style serves you as well as it served us! Best wishes to all 3 of you!

  3. All the best to you, Linda, and Baby. I read your blog each night to my husband as we prepared for our second child who will arrive in this world tomorrow! We remembered feeling and thinking many of the same things you are. Thank you for sharing with us - we will still "tune in" to see how your story evolves into the next chapter :)

    Amy Stanfield