Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miss Manners Says It's Rude To Arrive Early

Linda went to the doctor today and, from here on out, she needs to go weekly. (She was very excited when they told her she could look forward to a pelvic exam at every appointment!) We’re roughly five weeks away from the due date, so besides the weekly OB visits, we’re also at the stage of the pregnancy where everyone tells you about themselves, their friend, or the relative who had a baby come early. Two nights ago, Linda came home telling me about a woman at work who happily informed Linda, “Get ready, ‘cause my baby came five weeks ahead of schedule.” Linda packed her hospital bag that night. I know we shouldn’t worry. Statistically, we’re past the danger zone, and if our baby was to be premature, they would be in good company (Winston Churchill and Isaac Newton were both premature). Still, I’m hoping for the full term.

36 days until baby.


  1. Consider the alternative: being late. More time with baby in utero, but who, what, when, where, and why for the delay? Most babies come when it is their time. Rejoice in it!
    P.S. Wise to have the hospital bag ready now.

  2. For those who are impatient, early is awesome. Much better than sitting around, waiting, and wondering if today is the day!!