Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Here and (31 days from) Now

Today, someone at work commented on how they couldn’t believe that Christmas was just over two months away, and I thought to myself, “Christmas? What’s Christmas?” I can’t even think about it. Right now (and for the weeks and months of recent memory) my only focus is getting to and through the due date. Sure, Linda and I made plans for after the baby arrives – we have the breast pump, the washable diapers, the crib in our living room – but the plans all feel theoretical – like getting old – you know it’s coming, but you have too much to do first and a small part of you believes it won’t ever happen. It’s hard to picture with any clarity the new day-to-day that will be ours when Christmas time is here. Wow. I just realized something. We need to get another stocking.

31 days until baby. Please comment and follow.


  1. Your wife SHOULD look forward to xmas because there will be lots of food, and she will be HUNGRY. Seriously, breastfeeding made me starving. I was counting the days until Thanksgiving and literally could not wait to eat like five plates of food. I ate so much that my breathing was shallow. It was awesome. I still dropped a pound that week.

    Best weightloss plan ever.

  2. Baby's first Christmas will always be a cherished memory in your heart. Our oldest was born on Christmas Eve, and I still remember that Christmas vividly......did you know that Santa delivers stockings to the nicu for Christmas?

  3. Oh, I remember that hungriness. And I remember the beautiful feeling of feeding someone from your own self. I remember that post-childbirth feeling too: "I can do anything!" Revisiting these notes to yourself will bring your family such joy in the weeks and years to come. Thank you for allowing us to peek in on your journey. Will there be room in the hospital room for all of us? A.