Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drop Down Sides Are Evil

I put the crib together tonight. It's a hand me down – a beautiful one – from my aunt, and it came with a big Ziploc bag filled with sundry screws and an allen wrench (never a good sign). I managed to put it together without any major problems and only a minimal amount of paint scraped off. I was looking it over with a satisfied smile when I noticed an envelope on the floor. I thought about ignoring it – about filing it away with the manual. What envelope? But I figured the safety of my future child might be at stake, so I opened it. A few minutes and a long groan later, I was taking the crib apart. This crib, you see, has drop down sides, and drop down sides – it has been decided – are reckless and evil; possessing a crib with drop down sides is akin to letting your baby play on the rim of an active volcano. Inside the envelope were metal brackets that would transform the crib into a “safe” one with stationary sides. Of course, this meant I had to completely remove one side of the crib (that I had just put together), remove the old hardware, install the new, and then try to put it all back together again. And now, our crib is safe. Crisis averted. It sure looks pretty.

38 days until baby.

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