Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parenting = Indoctrination

Yesterday, Linda and I found ourselves discussing our plans to raise our baby vegan. We were looking at various websites, and I came across a quote from someone asking a vegan parent, “How can you justify indoctrinating your child in such a way?” The question brought to mind a time last year when President Obama addressed the nation’s schoolchildren. Some parents/community members were up in arms, asking basically the same question. It was the same in our schools district, and our superintendent at the time, in bringing the situation up to the teachers, simply asked, “Isn’t that what we do to children every day?”

47 days until baby.


  1. Perhaps I'll have better luck in posting this time, Bill...not much to say other than wait until you go to the peditrician! Maybe you have one in mind that meets your open minded views. Our group is lovely at a distance. I haven't said the word 'vegan' to them, lest I scare them with thoughts of malnutrition. I haven't said co-sleep either. They are doctors, and if you need medicine, they're great, but I've learned to keep them at a distance with a smile and nod. :)

  2. We give our children the best we know, the best we believe, and the best of ourselves.

  3. Since your baby will be breastfeeding for, presumably, the first year or two, hopefully nutrition issues with the medical world should be limited in the early years. Indoctrinate is a strong word. You are just showing your child how you choose to eat as a family but your control will end at some point. As adulthood approaches, your child will decide what he or she wants to eat and his or her choices may make you smile or shudder.