Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Hand the Mike to Nate

For today's post, I wanted to share a message I received from my best friend, Nate. He's been a dad - a great one - for almost ten years. He's been telling me to stop reading the baby books (I know, I know), and he sent me this message the other day explaining why...
You're worrying about some things way more than you need to...I think you and Linda will love your baby so incredibly that things will come so obviously and naturally to you two. Your son or daughter will be blessed to have the two of you as parents...sincerely. The first time you give your baby a bath, how you feel when he falls asleep on your shoulder, the first time he's really sick and pukes all over you...you will already be motivated to do all the things that will create an amazing bond between you and him…and he will look to you and need you as much as Linda…

I think the easiest, yet most profound thing we can do as dads is express how much we love our kid…and if you look at dads of the past, I think they looked at bringing home income (providing food and shelter) was their way of expressing “I love you”. But man, to give your kid at least a hug a day, and sincerely say “I love you”…so much more real, tangible value to a child. So that’s my advice, my reflection…until he turns 18…a hug a day, and “I love you”…but I know you would do it anyway.
Thanks Nate!

45 days until baby.


  1. Don't worry so much, just enjoy the blessing and learn along the way......children LOVE their parents and are very forgiving along the way for all the mistakes you may or may not make. Just stay close to Linda and work as a team. That's what parenthood is all about at least as far as I have been able to figure out so far!

  2. Best friend and great advice!
    I would just add "always talk and listen." Openly discuss feelings, events, joys, worries, dreams, regrets, successes, failures, big things and little things with your child....