Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Going to Get Loud

The due date is just about seven weeks away. My wife is growing uncomfortable, and she’s having a hard time imagining how she’ll make it until the baby’s debut. We’ve been told that the ferocity of the kicks and jabs will wane along with the available space in her uterus. If that’s true, I’ll miss them. I’ll miss a lot about this stage of parenting. It’s all about anticipation, and anticipation is a wonderful thing. Anticipation is easy. There’s no disappointment, only expectation and high hopes. It’s like starting a book that everyone says you’re going to love. You already love it and you haven’t read a word. Right now, our baby is safe, charming, and maintenance-free. Right now, everything is under our control. Eat this. Take those vitamins. Go to the doctor now. Good job – you’re taking good care of your baby. I know once the baby arrives, it will be a wonderful, wonderful kind of chaos that I will love, but for now, I’m reminding myself to enjoy this time of expectation, this lull because in just about seven weeks, it’s going to get loud.  

48 days until baby.

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