Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Worst Day

“Her oxygenation levels are lower than we would like.” Even when they are said with as much compassion as our doctor used, those words were among the most heart breaking I’ve ever heard, beaten out only by, “I’d like you to take her to Children’s Hospital as soon as possible.”

So now, we sit with Violet in her hospital room, an oxygen tube running across her face and under her nose, an IV plugged into a mass of gauze and tape on her right forearm, and a heart/oxygenation monitor wrapped around her foot. We sit here, heartsick with worry, wishing beyond reason that we weren’t here, but also feeling grateful to be here because of the care they can provide.

133 days old

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  1. Oh, dear!!! Only the most positive energy is being sent your family's way!! Be well, young Violet!