Friday, April 22, 2011

Pain Threshold

Linda had a job interview this morning, we visited some friends in the afternoon, and then some grocery shopping. For the most part, Violet was a champ about all of it.

During the interview, they asked Linda if she would come in on short notice or work extra hours beyond her part-time schedule. This was the first time she ever interviewed for a job as a mother, and she realized how interviews have changed for her. Previously, she might have answered with an enthusiastic yes on both points, even though she wasn’t really excited about either. Previously, she had more freedom to become the candidate they were looking for, but Violet’s presence, and our insistence that she have a parent home more often than not, coupled with the fact that our day care provider (Grandma) lives 45 minutes away, mean Linda has to be a little more direct in her answers.

Our second realization of the day came when Violet was grumpier than usual, crying for no apparent reason at home and at our friends’ house, and then we noticed her lips working up and down, pursing and relaxing, all with a look of deep concern on her face. It looks like teething is starting.

153 days old


  1. But yay for teeth! Thankfully, Macie was a champ about teething; if she had a lot of pain, she really didn't let on. The few times that she was really hurting, a tiny bit of baby orajel did the trick. (Not too much, or it stifles the gag reflex.)

    Also, she LOVED this thing, even after most of her teeth came in. It was like her little buddy until she was about 14 months old. You can probably find it cheaper in your local grocery store.

  2. Oh! Cold pear cores and mango pits (both with lots of fruit still left on them) were huge hits. Soothing and sweet.

  3. You can always check with us if you need a babysitter. We have different hours here, as I volunteer in Hinsdale, NY 2 days a week for an animal rescue. But always feel free to call us if in a jam, and if possible we are more than willing to help out! As a substitute teacher I can always say yes or no to any call I receive!!
    Denise D.

  4. Our children also liked dried mango as a teether! Good luck, little Violet! A.

  5. Amy - thanks for the great advice! We ordered the bristle teether and we have the orajel on hand. I had no idea about the gag reflex. Does that hold true for adults, too?

    Denise- Thank you, thank you, thank you! That's so generous of you. You are absolutely on our list.

    Amy LV - Dried mango? I never would have thought of that!