Saturday, April 16, 2011

That'll do, pig

Today, a friend told Linda about a call he received from his kids’ school; a call in which the principal told him, “Your children don’t fit in with the other kids.” My friend responded, “I’ll tell you what my father used to say. ‘Good. I didn’t raise sheep.’ ”

I wonder if I will be brave enough to say and do likewise.

147 days old


  1. I could only hope this statement is taken out of context. The principal of a school making a judgement error like this needs to answer to his/her superior.
    That being said, you will not only be brave enough but you will act on the situation.

  2. Tony - I didn't find out all the details, but I completely agree. Who would say something like that? And I'm sure if I'm not brave enough, Linda will get in there and kick some butt.