Wednesday, April 6, 2011

He said what?

I debated about telling my students about Violet's trip to the hospital. Second grade is a funny age - some kids can have a hard time with the heavy stuff, but in the end, I felt it was better to tell them. It would likely come up in classroom conversation or they might hear me talking about it with another adult, but beyond that, I decided it was something that just felt right to share with them. They're a great bunch of kids that I've spent seven months of my life with - they were my students when Violet was born - so I told them. I left out many of the details, but they understood that Violet had something like a bad cold that left her unable to breathe properly on her own and that she had to go to the hospital for help. My students seemed to take the news in stride, without more than a simple question or two, and then we moved on to our writing lesson for the day. Another funny thing about second graders? You won't know their true reaction until the next day, when you come in to school and see if there are any messages from their parents.

137 days old


  1. Oh Bill and Linda...I am so glad that Violet is better. I have not checked in here for the past few days, and I am sorry that you and she had to go through such a spell. All good wishes for a very healthy spring to the whole family! Enjoy home. A.

  2. awww. so true about grade 2s true reaction coming through if there are notes from parents the next morning. I teach grade 3s- same story. I am on maternity leave now for a year - and all though I LOVE my new teaching assignment, I miss those little guys.

    ps. Glad Violet is better !

  3. Amy LV - Thank you - Violet is back to her old, beautiful self. It's amazing that a week ago, she was on oxygen and fluids and now she's doling out smiles every few moments. We feel a whole lot older, but very, very grateful.

    funkylindsay - thank you for the comment, and congrats on your baby and the awesome blog - I just checked it out (thanks for the post plug). I didn't get any notes from parents(yet) so I'm assuming all is well.