Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was reading through old posts tonight, trying to think of something good to write about, when I stumbled across a comment from fellow blogger Amy LV. She said her pediatrician called the 4-9 month stage the "always happy" stage for babies. I was thinking something along these lines while washing dishes tonight - that ever since we returned from the hospital 3 days ago, Violet seems remarkably happy (except for right after she wakes up). Her generosity with her smiles is a joy to behold. She sat in her vibrating chair on the floor near my feet, and every time I would turn to look at her, to make sure she was okay, she would look up at me and break into a wide tongue-in-the-gums grin. I even caught her smiling (and talking) at the birds on the feeder outside our window. And we get five more months of this? Is it the calm before the storm?

138 days old


  1. No storm. In my vast experience (*cough* - one child) each stage has aspects that you cherish. I have not been one to long for times when she was X months or years old, but I also don't turn to pudding when I see an infant and get a pang to have another. Each plateau is awesome - in the true sense of the word.

  2. Caryn - the regret is fleeting. It seems that every stage is so great that there's no room (or time) for missing what's gone. Although, when she leaves for college, I imagine there will be plenty of time for that.