Friday, April 29, 2011

Mmmmmmm...Forbidden Gummy

You know that feeling you get when a cop drives by you, heading in the other direction, and then, in your rearview mirror, you see him turn around and his lights go on? There’s that deadening drop in your gut, the stricken feeling across your chest, the quickening heartbeat? You feel like you want to die. At least I do.

I had a similar feeling today when I was letting Violet suck on a gummy bear, only the feeling was amplified to a sickening degree. I pulled the bear out of her mouth and a chunk of it was gone. I stared at it, imagining the missing piece lodging itself in Violet’s throat, and I immediately begin rooting around in her mouth. She just looked at me, feeling fine. Either she swallowed it or the gummy bear was decapitated before I put it in her mouth. Either way, no more gummy bears until she’s eighteen.

160 days old
Linda wanted me to mention that it wasn't a gummy bear. It was an Annie's Organic Gummy Bunny, but I figured most people wouldn't know what that is. They're delicious.

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