Thursday, May 26, 2011

Please don't report me...

I’ve been wondering for some time when Violet will become ticklish. Any attempts at tickling usually elicit no reaction; occasionally, she gets a slightly annoyed look on her face. There’s nothing on the topic in What to Expect…, and when I searched online, I kept running into wise advice like this:

…and it was also shown in a study that they cannot react to it but if you tickle them long enough then it can cause mental retardation. Thus, you should not do it. ! :)
(I found the use of the word “thus” and the emoticon lent this one real credibility.) So what’s your experience? Does ticklishness usually happen at a certain age or is it different with every child? Do you find tickling to be cruel? Am I risking irreparable mental damage to Violet?

186 days old

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