Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Three Things...

Some nights, I sit down to write a post, and I don't have an idea in my head. I'm often surprised when, after looking through old posts or pictures of Violet or comments left behind, an idea surprises me, rising to the surface in my brain. Other times, I struggle for an hour or more, wondering if I should just find a good quote that someone else said about babies, before an idea, sometimes weak and sometimes wonderful, makes itself known. And then there are nights like last night, when the well is bone dry, and I've promised to take an overnight feeding and I know I need to go to bed and I'm left wondering if I've said all I have to say and thought all I have to think about Violet for the time being.

But then I'm blessed by a day overflowing with words spoken, thoughts caught, and small events, all of which brought Violet to my mind. This post and the last I owe to Amy LV, writer and writing teacher extroidanaire who visited my school today to lead a workshop. She started the session by sharing the Emerson poem with us, and later, as we spoke about finding time for students to write during a busy school day, Amy said, "Time, kindess, and a stack of good books..that's all you really need." As soon as she said it, it occured to me that her statement doesn't just apply to teaching writing, and I knew I had found tonight's post.

178 days old

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