Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Cavity Creeps - part 1

Have you heard about the link between nighttime breastfeeding and cavities in young children? I never did, until just a few days ago when I was reading the section in What to Expect the First Year on “The Seventh Month”, which Violet is about to enter. I figured I’d brush up on what Violet is supposed to and not supposed to be doing, just so I’d have an adequate supply of concerns for the month, and I was surprised to read the recommendation that we should cease all nighttime breastfeeding once Violet’s first tooth emerges. This is not some crackpot theory, this is straight from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. The idea is that without the regular rinsing of the teeth that saliva provides during the waking hours, the sugars contained in breast milk will stay on the teeth, promoting decay.  I read the section to Linda, and we were both left wondering how we could possibly follow a “no breastfeeding at night” routine. Currently, Violet goes to sleep at and (usually) sleeps for 7-8 hours. Then, since it’s still 3 or , Linda brings her into bed and nurses her on and off until it’s time to get up at 8 or so. Stopping all nighttime feedings would mean shifting her to a later bedtime or trying to stretch her sleeping time from to 12 hours. Neither of these was an attractive alternative. So, we did some research – tomorrow, I’ll let you know what we found out.

174 days old


  1. I can't wait to hear what your research uncovered! I hope it has to do with a certain French dentist who immigrated to our country.

    Two other things helped me through this one as well, 1) the desert island theory, and 2)and the label of my store-brand infant toothpaste bragging that it contains the same chemical as breast milk.

    The more we learn the crazier it gets!

  2. Amy - I recall the desert island theory from one of your earlier comments, but who's this french dentist?

  3. I was just re-reading online to refresh my memory.

    Turns out the French dentist has to due with the formation of the ADA and mercury fillings (not night nursing). But it does set the tone for distrust in the ADA.

    Check out this link. The embedded video is worth it.

  4. Wow - scary stuff. Linda already had hers taken out. She's asking me now to make an appointment to have mine taken out.

    OK - so what's your opinion on flouride?

  5. LOL- That is my next venture! Great minds think alike...

    I have a feeling that it will fall into the same category as most things I have thought about and dared to research. I have tried to have faith and not be a conspiracy theorist, but the more I research the more I realize that we are brainwashed to accept substandard conditions as acceptable and normal.

  6. Bob Dylan has a great line "...I was much too stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity." I'll let you know what I find out about flouride, if you proomise to do the same...