Monday, February 7, 2011

Control Yourself

Way back in August, in my second post on this blog, I wondered if I would have some control over how my kid behaves or if it all comes down to genes. Yesterday, I read about a recent study that sheds some light on that very question. Researchers followed a group of children from birth to age 32 and found that those children who showed high levels of self control at a young age, and even those children who developed greater self-control at a later age, fared better as adults. They were:
“...less likely than children with low self-control to develop common physical health problems, abuse drugs, or experience difficulties with credit and money-management. They were also less likely to raise a child in a single-parent household or be convicted of a crime as adults.”
Now, all I need is some advice on good ways to instill self-control in Violet. You’d be shocked at how little she possesses at the moment…

79 days old

Here's a link to an article on the study:


  1. Oh, man. Penn is in for a ride! :)

  2. Is he short in the self-control department?