Friday, February 25, 2011

The Way We Were

Linda and I went out to dinner with some friends tonight. As we were heading out the door, Linda grabbed Violet’s green giraffe, a stuffed animal that has become our go-to toy. Violet gnaws on the giraffe’s ears, nose, face, or whatever part is nearest her mouth. Linda commented, “I never thought I’d be carrying this kind of thing in my purse.”  On the way to the restaurant, Linda wondered aloud, “Is it wrong to hope that we’re the only ones there?” (It turns out that we were.) And while we were eating dinner and talking with our friends, Violet became fussy. We told our friends about what we’d hoped on our way there, and they felt that if someone else had been at the restaurant, Violet’s crying wouldn’t have been a big deal. But Linda and I had to admit, if we were the “other people” we would’ve been whispering to each other, “Why couldn’t those people have gotten a sitter?” It’s an interesting perspective. We’re on the other side, but we can still remember what it was like to be those people – the ones without the car seat and the diaper bag. I don’t miss it. Linda doesn’t, either, but I wonder if we’ll eventually forget what it was really like - being childless, or if it’s like losing a limb; even though it’s gone, sometimes it still itches.

97 days old


  1. What a cutie she is!!

  2. With time, it all gets easier--sleeping, eating out, shopping, traveling.... Life with Violet will be so full and rewarding that you will never imagine it any other way!
    I remember so clearly what you are going through now. We took our 7-month daughter to CA on a business (and pleasure) trip. Oh, how she howled in the airplane (sick), hotel (jet lag), and restaurants (just fussy). I remember pacing with her and feeding her bits of bread like a baby bird to keep her from disturbing others. Nerve-racking, but it passes.

  3. Denise - thank you - the hat was a gift from Grandma. We took about 50 pictures (yes, 50) of her with it on. It was tough picking out just one to put on the post.

    Anne - Linda and I talked about that - wondering if we could ever get to the point where we're oblivious to Violet's fussing/crying in public places. We're hoping we'll always be concious of it and of those around us.

  4. Never oblivious; always easiest to make a speedy exit or avoid the outing altogether. Nothing worse than parents who ignore what their children are doing and how it affects others. I am often appalled....