Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Second Time Changing Violet in a Public Restroom

I took Violet into the bathroom at the grocery store today. It was a nice bathroom; one with a changing station that included wipes and diapers. After 35 years of having a single, solo mission in public restrooms, it’s odd going into one with something - and someone - else on the agenda. Violet let loose with a loud, choking cry after I set her on the cold, hard plastic of the changing shelf, and I couldn’t help but get sweaty, thinking that everyone in the bathroom either wanted me to leave, felt I was abusing my daughter, or thought I didn’t know what I was doing. I finished changing her, and then, as I was putting Violet – still screaming – back into her carrier, an older man paused on his way to the sinks and asked if she was a newborn, and I stared at him – probably for a moment too long – wanting to say, “We’re in the bathroom, and I don’t know you. There’s no talking.” Instead, I said, “Uhhh…three months. Three months old.” He looked at me askance, and I shoved everything back into the diaper bag and picked up Violet in her carrier before he could ask if she was really my child.

92 days old


  1. Very funny! You are brave to do the changing duty in a public bathroom! Next time it will be easier. Maybe use a soft little blankie on the changing station.
    I always worried about doing public restrooms with my children of the opposite sex. At some point they can't go in with you, but do you dare let them go by themselves?

  2. Anne - I don't know about brave - it was just my turn, but I know what you mean about going into restrooms with children of the opposite sex. I remember feeling strange when I had to do it as a child...

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