Friday, February 18, 2011

A Hot Knife

I usually read my posts to my wife before sending them out for the world to read. When I read last night’s to her, she did okay until I got to the part about imagining 5-year old Violet climbing onto the bus. She said picturing it felt like “…a hot knife through my heart. I’ll be a quivering mass on the sidewalk. That’s what you can get me then - a trip to the psychiatrist.”
90 days old


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  2. Ah Yes the things you say to your wife if you want to see tears. You're learning. A bond between a mother and child is quite special. Not saying a bond between father and child is not as special. Just different. I know this is not the intent of your post but don't wish away those years yet. Seany is going next year and even though he is a stinker he makes me laugh everyday with the things he says

  3. Videotape Violet waiting for and getting on the bus for the first day of school. You will be a little teary, celebrate her growth, laugh at what she says, and cherish it forever!

  4. Pack62 - I didn't mean to make her cry! But I can already see how the bond between her and Violet will be different. I'm not wishing these days away - not usually, anyway - but I can't help thinking ahead now and then.

    Anne - the video camera is ready and waiting...