Thursday, February 10, 2011

They're heeeeere...but the house is not that clean

When Violet sits on the couch, she stares intently at the space in front of our bookshelf on the other side of our coffee table. She coos and jabbers, smiles and waves her arms. This goes on for minutes at a time. If we turn her to face away from the bookshelf, she cranes her head to look back. The only things on the shelf are DVDs and our receiver. We’d like to think there’s some benevolent ghost entertaining our daughter– maybe my friend Herb who passed away a few years ago (He would’ve loved Violet and he was very entertaining). Or maybe she’s messing with us. Whatever it is, I’m jealous.

82 days old


  1. Campbell had the corner to the left of our family room fire place. I think it was a ghost. Campbell actually would say 'Nana' to an empty corner. Violet is a lucy gal on my levels.

  2. Maybe it's grandma. When I went to Lilydale, the medium told me that Olivia communicated with Grandma.

  3. Caryn - it's cool and creepy, huh?

    Jane - I hope you're right!