Thursday, February 3, 2011

Top Ten

Top Ten Songs That (For Me) Are About no particular order...

1. Wonder – Colin Meloy

2. Happy Birthday - Clem Snide

3. Forever Young - Bob Dylan

4. Wake Up - Arcade Fire

5. No Lies, Just Love - Bright Eyes

6. My Girls - Animal Collective

7. Loves Me Like A Rock - Simon, Paul

8. Untitled - R.E.M. (from the Green album)

9. Blake's View - Ward, M.

10. When You Dream - Barenaked Ladies

Any other suggestions?
75 days old


  1. Sorry, I'm not so good with music....
    Is Violet going to be a blondie? I love her rosy cheeks!

  2. So many that Layna and I sing together...but totally have to listen to "Home" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros...paste the link, got to check out the version covered by Jorge and Alexa...I can see you and Violet now...I put the link on my profile too.

  3. Anne - your guess is as good as mine - she's looking blonde on top, but at the base of her head, the hair's darker. We'll see... And the cheeks? Linda and I were getting worried yesterday about those - we ended up looking through a bunch of books, wondering if Violet's cheeks were TOO rosy! Yes, we're a little paranoid.

  4. Nate - I forgot about that song! That link with Jorge and Alexa is awesome ( I love the comment that mentions how it has more views than the original song.