Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Time

We went over to my brother’s house for dinner tonight. He, his wife, and his girls all went out of their way to make a lovely and delicious vegan / gluten-free dinner. It was wonderful catching up and it was even more wonderful to watch our nieces with Violet, especially the five-year-old, who was particularly smitten. It was also disquieting to hear how much louder Violet’s cries seem in someone else’s house and to realize that taking the baby out into the world leaves both Linda and me, by the time we get back home, feeling like we just ran a marathon. Is this something we get used to?

91 days old


  1. Well, you get used to the idea of being in a marathon all the time; you know, no simple outings. The "tired from the marathon" part won't go away until you start getting uninterrupted sleep again. Those coveted hours previously taken for remember!

  2. Ahhhh - uninterrupted sleep. We were doing pretty well there for a bit - Violet was waking up just once in the middle of the night. I think I jinxed it when I told a few people at school about it. Since then, she's been waking up twice during the night.