Friday, August 6, 2010

Are we all just genes?

I was at the grocery store today. There was a man about my age dealing with his son. As I watched that red-faced, rampaging toddler scream in the middle of the store, I was both horrified and terrified. I imagine all new parents scope out other parents with their kids. We watch. We judge. We tell ourselves, "I'll never let my kids do that," or "Oh my God, I hope my kid's not like that," or "What's wrong with these people?"  I know it's unfair, but come on, we're human and as new parents-to-be, I suspect that since we have no idea what we're in for,  it's a way for us to think, "It won't be so bad. I'LL be able to control MY kid."

Along with all the other new parents, I do realize that, at times, my kid WILL behave like that boy did today, but I'm hoping I'll do something about it. I want to believe that from the beginning, I'll be nipping that kind of behavior in the bud, setting clear expectations, and following through on consequences when my kid crosses the line. I know it's easier said than done - I'm a teacher, so I know how kids can wear you down, but I know I've seen well behaved kids in the world. They can't all be the result of good genetics, right? Please tell me I have some control over how my kid behaves in public.

105 days until baby.

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  1. Yes and no. I don't know what it is about grocery stores. Once when my daughter was 2, she had a meltdown in the grocery cart after I picked her up from a play date. As she cried and screamed, all I could do was talk calmly to her, hurry through the shopping, ignore the looks, exit asap, and head home for her nap. No explanation and no recurrence....
    I have no doubt you will raise a lovely child. Communication is the key! I always expected the best and the most from my three children and got it most of the time!