Saturday, September 4, 2010

Playing Pregnant

“It still doesn’t seem real,” my wife said today, and I had to agree with her. More often than not, she walks by me and I’m caught off guard by the new location of her belly button. It still feels as it did when we just moved in together, as if we’re pretending. Just “playing house.” We wondered together today when it would feel real. For my wife, we imagined it would right about the time when the labor pains set in; we’ve heard there’s no denying the reality of those. For me, who knows? Even as a teacher, a role I’ve filled in various capacities for almost fifteen years, I still expect someone to walk into the classroom, point a finger at me, and shout, “You’re a fraud, and everyone knows it!” Will I feel that way as a parent, too?

76 days until baby.

Thank you for the comments and for following!

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  1. Bonding is a powerful agent. When you see, hear, touch, smell, taste that precious baby of yours, it will all be real forever! No other experience like it!