Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pack and Sweat

Back in June, a co-worker gave me her pack-and-play. Her children had grown too old for it, and she was kind enough to think of our coming baby when it came time to get rid of it. We stored it away, but when making up our baby registry this past weekend, we figured we should set it up to make sure it was in good shape. I dragged it upstairs (the weight of it did not being the word “convenient” to my mind) and was pleased to see that my co-worker had packed it away neatly in its carrying case. The directions were even set in the little inside pocket. Everything looked good. I laid out all the pieces, opened up the directions, and what followed were perhaps the most frustrating twenty-five minutes of my life. By the end of it, both my wife and I were sweating, red-faced, and cursing. But we got the damn thing up! I can’t wait to install the car seat…

73 days until baby.

Thank you to everyone for their comments! Thanks for reading, and please keep them coming!


  1. The first time you set any of this crap up, it's frustrating. Within a few months, you will be a pro at everything. I can currently switch the car seat from one car to another in 60 seconds flat. The first time we did it? Don't ask. I was too busy swearing to time it.

  2. Oh the joy of assembling toys,cribs,games etc. etc.Keep in mind a "person" put this thing in it's package!

  3. Wait until it is assembly in secret late on Christmas Eve!