Friday, September 24, 2010

Into the Wild

I took my second grade class on their first nature walk of the year today. Each student was assigned a buddy and we headed out the school’s front door, crossed the old baseball diamond, and walked along the scrubby patch of woods at the schoolyard’s edge. We took a wide path through the trees to a small meadow full of goldenrods and asters, where we spent some time looking for monarch caterpillars and pulling apart milkweed pods, tossing the parachute-like seeds up and away into the breeze. We peeked inside the weathered bluebird box and discovered a mother deer mouse, black marble eyes staring at us and a trio of young suckling at her chest. The kids loved it all, and I did, too, but the whole time I couldn’t help thinking - I can’t wait to be doing this same thing with a class of one – a student for whom I’ll never have to say, “Sorry, we have to cut this short, the buses are coming.” 

56 days until baby.  

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