Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

When Violet reached the three month mark, we dutifully opened What to Expect… and looked over what we could over the coming weeks. One of the milestones is when a baby can keep her head straight while being pulled by her arms from a prone position into a sitting one (before this, the baby’s head will tilt backwards). We tried it with Violet and saw that her neck muscles were just not ready yet – her head rolled back as if she was shimmying under a limbo stick. Every once in a while, we’d try it again. Today, Violet’s Jolly Jumper arrived in the mail, and, as if on cue, her neck muscles are now capable of holding her neck straight as she’s raised up. It feels selfish to be saddened by this, and, at the same time, it feels inaccurate to be proud of her for doing nothing beyond developing as a baby should – but I can’t help it.

110 days old

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