Friday, March 18, 2011

And Before You Know It...

I came home from work today and spent some time watching Violet play on her play mat. It is a visual feast for her eyes, with supports coming up from each corner and crossing over her, with animals and rattles hanging down, lights flashing, and maniacal music on endless repeat. It reminds me of the aversion therapy in Clockwork Orange, but Violet seems to enjoy it for short bursts of time. She usually lets us know when time is up with a complaining-sort-of-cry, but lately she has started to lift her head and legs, as if she getting ready to leave on her own. Today, she surprised me by rolling almost onto her side. I stuck out a hand and supported her, waiting to see if she could roll herself onto her belly. She teetered on her side for a few seconds, before rolling onto her back. I helped her onto her side a few more times, curious to see if she could get the hang of rolling all the way over, while simultaneously hoping that she would not.

118 days old
Thank you to everyone for your comments on last night's post - you've given us a lot to talk about here.

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