Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Milestone

Yesterday, Violet rolled over for the first time! I had her on her belly, trying to dry out the rash on her neck, and, without warning, she tucked in her arm and rolled over onto her back. Our eyes locked, both sets wide with surprise, and I yelled to Linda to come see. I rolled Violet back onto her belly, and she obliged with another performance. A little reluctant to accept evidence of Violet's growing up, Linda said, "You're just happy because now you have a post." She knows me too well. Watching Violet roll over brings that unexpected and odd blend of pride and sadness that I think only parents must feel.

128 days old


  1. Yay Violet!

    The first time Macie rolled over was in her crib during a nap; she went from her back to her tummy. We never even saw it. But when she woke up, she was really scared and SCREAMED her little head off. Ahhh! How did I get like this? Poor kid couldn't figure out how to roll back.

  2. Amy - Violet hasn't yet figured out how to get from back to tummy, which is a good thing, especially during changing time. I imagine it makes life a little more challenging once they can roll away from you.

  3. "Challenging" is putting it mildly!