Saturday, January 29, 2011

Party Girl

We just returned from a family party – my 5 year old niece’s birthday party. Here are some things I learned today:

• Before Violet, Linda and I needed about an hour to get ourselves from a pajamas and bedhead state to “ready to leave the house”. With Violet, prep time is at least a half hour longer.

• Taking a two-month old out for the afternoon requires more bags and gear than we used to pack for a weekend trip.

• We can no longer schedule stops between home and a family party, at least while Violet is a baby. Too many people are waiting to hold her, and I could tell we disappointed them when we walked into the party, said, “Sorry, she needs to eat,” and locked ourselves in a bedroom for twenty minutes.

• When we breastfeed Violet in a separate room at someone else’s house, we should lock the door.

• Violet can get even the most serious person to emit babytalk

• We should get home before Violet’s bedtime – otherwise she is wide awake while Linda and I can barely keep our eyes open (or write a post).

70 days old


  1. I love the comment about the number of bags- so true!
    Also, as an aside, does Linda know about Bella Bands? They are multi-purpose, and I found them great for belly warmth and coverage while nursing.

  2. Amy - Yes! She found out about them during the pregnancy and a whole new world of pants opened up for her.