Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's For You

I had to make one of “those calls” this afternoon – a call to a parent about something unfortunate their child did in school today. As the phone rang and I waited for them pick up, a thought occurred to me for the very first time, “My God, someday it’s going to be me answering one of these calls.”

52 days old


  1. Hopefully not! If so, it is always better to be an informed parent--the better to support the teacher at school and to create a teaching moment at home.

  2. Anne,

    So true, so true! I'm always surprised when parents get a little porky when I call home to tell them about something good or bad that happened in school. It's rare, but there are a few parents out there who believe what happens at school should be taken care of by the school, leaving them out of it. When the time comes to pack Violet's little packpack and send her off, I know I'll want to know what's going on.