Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keep An Open Mind

I’ve encountered a lot of debates lately – debates about guns, vaccines, veganism, Barbie dolls (maybe I’ll write more about the great Barbie doll debate some other night), but all of this back-and-forth exchange of ideas leaves me with another impression; an idea I hope to instill in Violet: always be ready and willing to change your mind, especially in the presence of a new perspective or new information. With that idea in her head, she’ll never make it as a pundit or politician, but her life will be less frustrating.

60 days old


  1. Your words remind me of one of my favorite quotes, which (although not entirely true) goes something like this... "One of the best ways to be sure that you have a mind is to change it."

  2. I know I heard a quote along these lines somewhere in the past - it may be the one you mentioned - and there was a sign or two at the Rally for Sanity that said as much. I did a quick google search last night, but I couldn't find anything and it was getting late, so I took the credit.