Monday, January 3, 2011

Just a play-by-play of the day, but it feels necessary...

It was a roller coaster of a day. Violet decided at this morning that she wanted to stay up. I tried for a good 20 minutes to lull her back to sleep – jiggling her, walking with her on my shoulder, holding her on her side; twenty minutes doesn’t sound that long, but that early in the morning, when you have to get up for work in a couple of hours, you can’t help but feel a little panicky. I finally woke Linda up and asked her to take over. She graciously complied. Then, before I left for work, Linda pointed out a small lump at the base of Violet’s neck. It was about the size of a raisin, just under the skin, and it moved when I touched it. I told her it felt like a gland (I had no idea what it was). She called the doctor and made an appointment. So, I left for work, a little sleepy, a little worried, and a little miserable about having to leave Violet and Linda after a week at home. I talked to Linda after the appointment, and things were looking up. Violet’s weight, which we hadn’t had measured since our last doctor’s visit in early December (8 lbs, 5 oz) was up to 10 lbs. 10oz., and the doctor said she looked “perfect”. The doctor also said the lump was nothing to worry about and that it was a gland (Wow! I was right?) that was slightly inflamed, maybe due to Violet’s baby acne, and that it should go down soon. Good news! I felt better. Then I came home from work to find Linda a bit overwhelmed. She’d gone grocery shopping – never an easy task with an infant – and from then on, Violet had alternated between crying and eating. While preparing dinner, Linda had to keep one foot on Violet’s chair, rocking her. We also had made plans to continue our research into vaccines tonight. Violet’s two month appointment is coming up and the doctor will be wanting to begin the shots. We want to make informed decisions, but, man, there’s a lot of competing and conflicting information out there. It’s going to take some time to absorb it all. Now, it’s , Violet’s sleeping on the couch between us, making noises strange and soft, diapers are tumbling rhythmically in the dryer, and Linda’s finishing her dinner.

44 days old


  1. We don't do more than two vaccines per month. Once we got on that schedule, Macie's been more or less fine after her shots -- no fever or other bad side-effects. AND, she stops crying in a minute or two.

    (She had 7 vaccines at her 4-month appointment, and that night she spiked a fever so fast that she had a febrile seizure. We never wanted to see that again.)

    I keep telling myself that one day she will be a teenager and will LOVE to sleep.

  2. We never did more than two shots at a time either. And I always asked the nurses to give them both at the same time....much easier and faster. Never a problem here. Man, she's gorgeous! I hope you all sleep tonight!

  3. Prolonged nursing in bed; close cuddling, rocking, and soft singing in the dark; and a later bedtime (no late naps) might break the early bird cycle. Getting back to sleep at that hour should be all gentle business, not the least bit stimulating.
    Bill, you are a gem! I can't remember when my husband ever got up with the baby except to hand him/her to me.
    The juggling never stops, but your sleep will improve (at least until she is a teenager!)

  4. Amy - Right now, we're leaning in that direction. We're still reading and researching. I can't imagine how you were feeling when Macie had a seizure, but that's exactly what we're afraid of - everyone keeps telling us not to worry - that the risks are small, but we figure, why not do everything we can to minimize them? Extra co-pays and trips to the pediatrician seem a small price to pay.

  5. Amy LV - Yep, that's our plan. We're still deciding if we're going to do all the vaccines, but I spoke to the doctor's office today, and they - thankfully - seem open to an alternative schedule.

    And last night was a rough one - we're hoping tonight will be better!

  6. Anne - You mean I have an option? Hmmm...I've also heard a rumor that I'm not required to change diapers...