Sunday, July 3, 2011

Would prying them open be bad?

Some mornings upon waking, Violet starts to cry. It’s more yelling than crying – no tears – but it’s loud and she’s definitely upset. We talk to her - softly, loudly – it doesn’t matter, telling her that we’re right there, that she’s okay, but she goes right on yelling. The strange part is her eyes are closed. Shut up tight, and she usually keeps them closed for about 30 seconds, sometimes a minute, before opening them up. Once she does, she calms right down, and it’s all smiles. It’s not her diaper, because there are plenty of mornings when her diaper feels like an overripe peach, and she couldn’t care less. Is a bad dream behind it? If so, why won’t she open her eyes? Any theories?

224 days old

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