Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Afternoon Aquatic

Violet did better today. In the pool, I mean. After an unhappy first-time-in-the-water at swimming lessons on Thursday, she had a chance for further emotional scarring today in a friend’s pool, but the water today was much warmer, warm enough that I almost didn’t feel it when I got in it. She whimpered as I submerged her feet, and yelled a bit when I lowered her in up to her waist, but after that, she went back and forth between a furrowed brow that seemed to say, “I’m concerned,” and a furrowed brow that seemed to say, “I’m curious,” interspersed with brief smiles and crinkly eyes. She explored the water, above and below, with her hands, and readily accepted the water toys handed her by the other adults and kids. She probably chewed on them more than she should have and ingested more pool water than is acceptable, but she was a baby having (mostly) a good time. I’m hoping that her next swimming lesson will go better because of it. We stayed in the pool for almost an hour, until her tiny fingertips were pruny, and then she was done – tired and ready to go home. Thanks to my friend Nate for inviting us and to his sister Noel and her family for being wonderful hosts.

223 days old

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