Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Like the First Time, Only Better

We sat on the porch as the sun went down, Violet sitting in her high chair, up past her bedtime, and Linda said, "I used to think that a baby would limit what we could do, and now I look forward to doing everything we've ever done, but now we get do it all over with Violet."

233 days old


  1. I juat love her little smile. She is so sweet! My girls are 4 & 7 and still it's amazing to experience things that are new to them and not us. They take it all in and it's really nice to sit back and watch. It seems like you're having a great time together this summer! Here's to many more sunsets and late nights as a family:)
    I laughed when I read your post about Violet throwing things...I remember when Caroline was just over 1 and would pick up this plastic chair and throw it and we'd call it SMACKDOWN!

  2. Amy - Thank you for the great comments! The summer is wonderful - getting to spend so much time together without all the stress of the working year - I hope your summer is going well, too. You mentioned Caroline throwing things - it's reassuring to hear that other kids do it, too. We can't help wondering if this is the first sign of a big temper.