Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Call Me!

I texted Linda on the drive home today, letting her know that I would be getting in late. She texted me back, letting me know that I was grounded and that she missed me. A few minutes later, she sent another text, brief and cryptic: “Call me!” I didn’t notice the text right away, and by the time I called her, nearly a half hour had gone by. She was in the midst of taking apart the crib because she had to lower the mattress. She had put Violet to bed as usual, and Violet cried for a bit, as usual. But then she started to sound more upset than normal, and Linda went in to check on her. She found Violet standing up, hands on the top rail, looking ready to climb on out. I thought there would be more time between crawling and standing.

248 days old

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