Sunday, July 10, 2011

Selective Listening

A few weeks ago, a fierce thunderstorm hit in the middle of the night. Lightning struck so close that it shook the house and woke me from a sound sleep. Violet didn't stir.

Linda runs the vacuum, our cats chase each other and knock things over, the TV blares, music plays, and Violet sleeps through them all.

So why then does she wake from a sound sleep at a mere whisper when Linda and I are trying to have some "alone" time?

231 days old


  1. Murphy's Law!!! Same reason when they're older and don't answer you when you're talking to them while they watch tv, but get on the phone and all of a sudden, everyone needs you... "Mom, can I..." ;)

    Hope you're enjoying summer vacation with Violet.

  2. Maxine,

    Thank you! I was just saying to Linda yesterday, "How am I going to go back to school in September?" It's so nice to be able to wake up with both of them and not have to run out the door. BUT - Violet is tiring, too. I usually need a nap, too.