Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm not asleep... but that doesn't mean I'm awake.

Not tailgaters. Not telemarketers. Not people who still don’t believe in global warming. Nothing is as frustrating as a baby that won’t fall asleep at .

41 days old


  1. Ouch! Staying up that late on New Year's Eve eve counts for the real deal. Better luck tonight! Happy New Year!

  2. Amy BG - Happy New Year to you, too! Violet has her good nights and her bad nights - this one was just the worst so far. She was having a great time, though - I imagined she kept thinking, "Why does this guy keep trying to put me in my bassinet? I am SO not sleepy!"

  3. LOL!
    You mentioned the bassinet which got me thinking (as most things do)...When Carter was about Violet's age, he had some tough nights in the bassinet and so we started sleeping him in his car seat 'bucket' on the floor. You know how cozy they get in that thing. He slept soundly in that until about 6 months old! Penn also did some good sleeping in the bucket, as well.

  4. Amy - I thought about the car seat this evening when Violet was fussing - Peggy at school swears by using the car seat as a bed. We'll definitely keep it in mind - maybe she'll be sleeping there tonight!