Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

There was a snowstorm today. Normally, I’d be out in the woods enjoying it or itching to be, but I didn’t feel the twinge today. I stayed inside to help take care of Violet, and as the snow came down hard outside, we took a nap. There is no better place during a snowstorm than on the couch, asleep with a newborn on your chest.

11 days old


  1. We have a photo of Lillian taken after Jan. 1st when she finally got to her 6lb 1oz bith weight after a c section and a trip to the hospital for dehydration. Christmas Eve will always be a special day for our early gift. Enjoy every minute, it flies! Cuddle naps are the BEST naps!

  2. OOPS! I forgot to add that it was in her stocking!!

  3. Mmmmm...the weight and warmth of a baby napping on you. :)

    Time to go cuddle in bed with my 'big' boys. G'night!

  4. What an adorable picture... that would make a GREAT Christmas card!!

  5. Anonymous - to be honest, we tried to fit her in the stocking (how dorky are we?), but she didn't fit so we just laid it on top of her. She was very tolerant.

    Amy BG - I can't wait until Violet's big enough for me to hug her as hard as I want to.

    Maxine - That's what I said to Linda!

  6. Ahhh...bear hugs are a beautiful thing too!