Sunday, December 12, 2010

Do I Need to Know How Many Dirty Diapers We Had on the 5th?

Best advice received recently: stop recording every time we feed Violet and every time she poops or pees (We just completed our 21st log page.). It just gives us one more thing to agonize over.

22 days old


  1. Oh, dear. Yes, please stop all that recording. Relax and enjoy your baby while you still don't have to run after her!!

  2. LOL- I remember that moment with baby #1! Then with baby #2, it was, "What log?"

  3. MJ - Thanks - we've stopped and it's dropped the stress level significantly.

    Amy BG - Yep - I got the advice from a mom of four (a daughter, a son, and twins). She said the same as you - after the first one, the log was forgotten. It makes me wonder how long we would've kept it going...and now we have something interesting to bring out when Violet starts dating.