Thursday, December 2, 2010

Freeze Frame

Linda keeps saying how she wishes Violet could stay a newborn forever. At this size, she’s little more than a handful; perfect for holding in the crook of an arm; tolerant of staring and unable/not desiring to get away from our constant attention (she’s usually asleep anyway). Her needs are, for the most part, basic. Friends and relatives tell us to enjoy this time because this Violet will soon be gone, replaced by a crawling blur of energy. Linda doesn’t want to be reminded. She wants to freeze this time. I do, too. It’s one reason we’ve already taken hundreds of pictures, but I’m insanely curious and anxious for what comes next – for when I see that first spark of recognition in Violet’s eyes, when there appears a smile that I know is for me, for a time when interaction begins. I think then I’ll start to feel more like a daddy.

12 days old


  1. Violet is gorgeous!
    I wanted to freeze our tiny babies too, but the miraculous beauty of parenting is that really, each stage holds its own magic. I remember saying, "I wanted to freeze her at three months, but six months is even better!" Now at 12, 10, and 8, these not-so-little ones make jokes and write stories, show us Lego creations and help each other out, read out loud to us, and share their secrets. I don't know if this helps, but it's true and we are grateful.
    What an adorable, alert face!

  2. My goodness, twelve days old! Do you have a college fund started? Seriously though, I don't know which is better, a four year old wrapping her arms around your neck and saying," daddy, I love you". Or maybe a ten year old saying "my dad can fix anything". or even an eighteen year old saying"dad, you're the best! They're all worthy of cherishing in my book.

  3. I just love that face! The bath pics are too cute! Reading your blog makes me remember my girls and their "baby days." It is such a blur and they're not even that old. Each day they teach us something matter what the age or stage.
    p.s. That naked baby post had me LOL!

  4. Amy LV - it does help, indeed. Right now, it's so hard to think of Violet ever being 8 or 10 or 12. We're just hoping we can get her to 1.

    Tony - Is Gina reading this? If not, you should show her what you wrote. Linda and I loved it.

    Amy K. - Glad you liked it! I know what you mean about the "blur" - two weeks have gone by in an instant.