Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And It's Time

Time is a funny thing. Before Violet was born, I had a conversation with a two-child parent about the time you have before children are born and the time you have after children are born, and they made the offhanded comment, “I can’t remember what it was like to have the time to read a book.” That comment seared into my brain, and it scared me. A thought just kept repeating in my brain - forlornly, “..but I like reading books.” And I thought of this blog, too. Looking back over the list of posts, I feel a little stab of pleasure when I see a post that meant a lot to me – a post that helped me work through a thought – a post that touched on something worthwhile. Most of them I wrote during the summer, when I’m afforded the luxury of time. Some people can think on their feet. I am not one of them, so days without multitasking are usually the days when some sprout of a thought germinates in my head early in the morning, and I can pick at it all day long, coaxing it into blossoming into a paragraph or two by the time bedtime rolls around – a paragraph that satisfies me on some level I can’t really describe. It was harder to get into that frame of mind once school started. Once in a while, it would happen, but it was rare. Now that Violet is here, it doesn’t even seem like an option. Not that I’m complaining. I know it’s early on. I haven’t even been a parent a month, but I’m getting the inkling of an idea that becoming a parent is a crucible – the lack of sleep and the sundry demands of this little person burn away all the unnecessaries in your life, and you don’t really care. I may not get to read a book for awhile (a non-baby-related book, that is) but Violet’s presence just wipes away any shade of regret that comes with that thought.

18 days old


  1. Now I'm not sure which I look forward to more, the posts or the pictures. The, the pictures......wait, could you keep doing this until I decide?
    I know this is not about me but I feel like I have to share this with you. Today was my birthday, It was an ok one except for my luncheon date! Gina, my favorite daughter, met me for lunch. We laughed,talked and ( I cried a little)for well over an hour. It not only was the high point of my day but it will be one of the outstanding birthdays of my life! All because of that hour and twenty minutes I spent with Gina.
    Thanks for listening.

  2. I, too, had a huge gap in my adult reading. What I did find time for in those early years were books, magazines, and catalogs related to child development; fun activities to do and places to go; and the best toys, games, and children's books.
    Kids can be all-absorbing; there is so much to do and learn! All that loving effort and sacrifice give you the satisfaction of doing your best. Remember to take a little time just for you each day, though.

  3. I still read- especially when the baby slept. I definitely am more selective about what I read now- I have favorite authors that are really worth my time! They say that it sets an excellent example for children to see their parents reading for pleasure and I have decided that's an excellent excuse!

  4. I just started reading this blog, my dad pointed it out to me. It's absolutely brilliant. Your writing is amazing, it almost always brings a tear to my eye. I wish you, Linda and Violet the best!

  5. Bill- The first things that I read to Madelyn were my books. I'd be so exhausted after teaching all day and having a newborn at home. But, I'd lay in bed reading her Dean Koontz or James Patterson or some other author. It was "my" time but also my time snuggling with her. Now, 8 years and many books later, we sit at night and read on the couch together. (Although I'm not sure if that is why she likes reading or because of the wonderful second grade teacher she had last year........)

  6. What a fantastic photo! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  7. THAT is DEFINITELY a smile!!! She is such a sweetheart!

  8. You nailed it most perfectly. It is alright to be all about your new wonder and let some things just go. I got a very nice complement from a thoughtful person the other day. She said that I am a good parent without losing myself. Some would shutter (and they have) that I escape parenthood even just mentally for a snippet of time, yet it is always a priority and my main concern. I firmly believe that this balance is most key to raising your children to be caring, intelligent beings. I so agree with other posted here that sharing your own passions and hobbies makes our kids so more well rounded and just plain smart. You will meet so many that live through their children and base their interests on theirs, but I find it has to be a balance for your sanity maybe, but for their true benefit to learning what this life is about.

    Deep thoughts on a Friday morning....and please never doubt that you are a phenomenal teacher. (your ears must ring sometimes for a reason as people speak your name in a positive way) Your influence teaches in a manner that lets children see how to have a new perspective on learning and life. It made the difference in my son's life:)

  9. Tony - Thanks again - and we're glad to hear you got some face time with Gina and that your b-day was a special one.

    Anne - Thanks for the advice - that's our plan, but we know that kids can take over every facet of your life if you let it happen...

    Jane - We plan on Violet seeing us reading as much as possible. Once she stops needing a feeding and a diaper change every five minutes, we hope we'll have more time to read.

    Gina - Thanks for reading and commenting! Glad to hear you're enjoying it - I'll keep at it.

    Amy P. - We just figured that out - reading our books to Violet, I mean. Eric Carle books are fascinating, but sometimes I need something more stimulating than The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

    Amy BG - She does look SO happy, doesn't she?

    Amy K - I refuse to believe that the smile in THIS picture is due to gas, no matter what the scientists say.

    Anonymous - I completely agree. I know having my own interests will only serve as a great example to Violet as she grows. And thank you for the very gratifying compliment on my teaching - I am humbled.