Monday, August 23, 2010

I Know Something

Well, we're grown ups now. My wife and I met with a mortgage rep at a bank today. Scary stuff, but we realized that our one bedroom house - which we love - is an eventual recipe for disaster when we add a baby into the mix. It'll be do-able for a little while, but come a year or two from now, this kid's gotta have his/her own room. Wow, at times like this, I wish I could go back in time one year and find myself; find the me who thought he knew how the rest of his life would go. I would just look at him, smile, and shake my head while he asks, "What? Do you know something? What?"

Also - our friend had a good suggestion for a baby name: boy or girl - Optimus Prime.
88 days until baby.

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  1. What an honest, funny, and touching record of this time in your lives, Bill. I am moved and smiling to be reading these thoughts, thoughts which I relate to as a mother of three. Your wife and child are lucky indeed, and your writing is a joy to read. I hope you're planning on printing this and/or even considering publishing this in another print format as well. (Have you ever read that column by the dad in WESTERN NEW YORK family? You could completely do something like that if you were ever interested.) Many good wishes to your growing family and shelter...I look forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing this with me. I can tell you that family life is a joy, and Mark and I love being parents through each stage so far (11, 10, 8)!
    ps - I completely agree with you about the only child business. People are unbelievably pushy in all kinds of thoughts about pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing. It's good to develop a strong sense of what you believe so that you do not have to think through each crazy word that comes out of some people's mouths. hee hee.