Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Post - Best Advice Received Today

OK - no big fanfare here - one post a day until my kid turns one. Here goes:

People are going to buy my baby lots of unnecessary gifts. My wife and I will buy our baby lots of unnecessary gifts. I can see this coming and it is unavoidable (We've already bought a mustard-yellow, Captain Kirk onsie - it's very cool).  I can try to fight it and come out looking like a cheap and ungrateful husband, son, friend, etc., or I can try to set some ground rules. Today, a mom of three told me her rule for all friends and relatives who wish to buy her children gifts: nothing that needs batteries. Any toys should do 10% of the work and the kid should do 90%. I realize this probably means that I will step on Legos for many years to come, but I think I can become a slippers guy.

106 days until baby.

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  1. I had to read this when I saw the's true.
    This blog title rocks.