Sunday, September 4, 2011

What surprises me:

1. No matter how little sleep I’ve gotten the night before, Violet’s face and fingers, peeking over the crib railing with a look that says, “I’m up. Let’s play,” wipes away my dark, sleep-hungry mood and makes it possible to rise, smiling, and fulfill her unspoken request.

2. Bringing a third person into a relationship that I’ve shared so long with just one, brings me closer to my partner.

3. The word “family” feels like a new word when I say it in refernece to Violet, Linda, and me, like I’ve just discovered a new meaning for it. This also holds true for the words “daughter”, “father”, “child”, and “nipple”. And “blowout”.

287 days old


  1. What a little squish she is!Family for sure.Looking at you three with great envy!

  2. I am missing way too much of little Violet as she is growing up before my eyes (in pictures)! I think how quickly our 2 grandsons have grown up (one is 7 and the other almost 2) and I just want to say, "Stop for a minute so I can just memorize the way you are right now!" Looking forward to seeing Violet and both of you over the holidays!!!

  3. Tony - a "squish" is a great word to describe her! And you should know that Uncle Tony is welcome to visit anytime. Really!

  4. Mary - we know exactly what you mean, and we get to see her every day. Every day, she changes! Looking forward to seeing you, too, over the holidays...