Friday, September 23, 2011

We are the zero-fun parents

Why do we love our pediatrician so much? At Violet’s check up this week, we asked her, “When should we start juice?” She replied, only half-joking, with one word. “Never!”

306 days old


  1. We didn't do juice for a LONG time, and our pediatrician was good with that too. Now Macie gets it as a treat after a meal, and only if she specifically asks for it. She drinks it out of a shot/espresso glass, and it's only half full. She gets one refill. It was actually a good way to get her to transition away from sippy/straw cups. And we don't do apple or grape -- sometimes it's orange, but often it's mango or apricot juice. Those have more fiber, to keep things moving. Though this week, she's been having some cider from a local organic orchard.

  2. I knew you guys were awesome parents! We should write a parenting book together. It's funny that you mentioned cider - I've had at least four different non-juice parents say they make exceptions for cider. I completely agree. Life is not complete without cider.