Wednesday, September 7, 2011

At Last

We’re discovering which books are Violet’s favorites, the books that she will sit for, listening and looking. Reading is something we do with her in the morning or in the afternoon, not usually at bedtime since reading always seems to wind her up, but with school starting for me, limiting my time with her, I decided to give it a try – to start reading to her before bedtime, figuring that she wouldn’t sit still. But she did, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our last minutes of the day together. It makes me wish I could find the first person who thought of it and thank them, the person who, millennia ago when they saw it was their kid’s bedtime, was inspired to grab a clay tablet and say, “Hey, why don’t I read some of this to you before you go to sleep in your corner of the hut?”

290 days old


  1. So funny! I am imagining that family too... 'Must have been some strong bookshelves! What a funny picture book this would be, Bill. A.

  2. Initially, I just had "book" down. Linda thought that it didn't sound right. So, we looked up what the first books were, and while there's some disagreement, it's generally thought that the first book-like items were clay tablets in Mesopotamia. "Clay tablet" sounded so much more interesting and funny.