Friday, August 12, 2011

You Might Feel Some "Pressure"

As Violet's first tooth emerges, Linda grows apprehensive about Violet biting her during feeding time. "It's as if someone has put a fish down your pants," she said, "and then they tell you, 'It's going to bite you . At some point. Try not to overreact. Now go about your business.'"

264 days old


  1. If someone's putting a fish down your pants, your first problem might be with that person. You can always reach down and remove the fish.

    You may get lucky with teething. Macie's teeth broke through without too much hassle. Also, a tiny bit of baby Orajel works wonders. (Not too much.)

  2. Home remedies are still the best! My mom told me that dad would pour a shot of whiskey, dip his finger in it and rub where the tooth was coming in! Unbelievable! Then he would drink the whiskey. Dear old Dad.

  3. Amy and Tony,
    So far - knock on wood - Violet hasn't complained at all about her teeth. We've been giving her teethers out of the fridge, but she doesn't seem to need them, so we're just enjoying it and hoping that all of the other teeth come through as smoothly, but we'll keep your ideas handy should things take a turn for the worse. (I may have to do the whiskey while Linda's not looking)Thanks!

  4. If a little nip happens, Linda's surprise will probably be enough to discourage Violet. They will develop an understanding shortly. Taking her off and a few gentle words are helpful if it persists. TMI?

  5. Anne - No such thing as TMI when it comes to babies (well, there is, but we haven't reached it here yet)! Linda's mom said something along the same lines, that Linda will probably inadvertently yell and startle Violet, laying the groundwork for an understanding of what's permissable and what's not. So far, so good.